Blog interview series: Danicia Malone

DM1.jpgDanicia Malone is the Neighborhood Development Specialist & Communications Manager at the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC). Prior to coming to INRC Danicia worked at the United Way of Central Indiana as the Program Coordinator for the Youth as Resources program and served a two-year AmeriCorps stint with HarmonyCorps. Danicia holds a bachelor's degree in Urban Planning and Spanish from Ball State University and a master's degree in Nonprofit Management with a focus on global relations and sustainability from Indiana University. Her research is based around the context of Race & Space – Growing Critical Cultural Capacity. She was a fellow with 1828, co-chartered the local biking group Red Bike and Green and advocates for culturally competent spatial design.




How long have you lived in Indy?

I've lived in Indy on and off for 30 years but the most concentrated amount of time has been the last eight years since coming home from college. 

Why have you focused your career on the nonprofit sector?

It was unintentional to be honest. I've always had a call towards service, so I worked with AmeriCorps for two years immediately after graduating. My goal was to serve with the PeaceCorps, but life happened that detoured the process. During my service stint, I was introduced to the world of nonprofits in a more deliberate way. Growing up I had a close connection with Habitat for Humanity without ever realizing that they were a nonprofit. As I served with AmeriCorps, I had to work with various groups around the city. Upon completion of my terms I just fell into that world. (Although, I don't really enjoy or agree with the model of the American nonprofit system)

How did you find your current position?

I was doing contract work with King Park Area Development Corporation under Janine Betsy. She referred me to check out a vacancy that INRC had. 

What would you say to another young professional considering a nonprofit job?DM2.jpg

Do your research and know the layout of the nonprofit sector in whatever city you reside.  I beckon anyone considering it to have a true understanding of their own morals and objectives and to partner with an organization that shares them. Nonprofit work can be a thankless job behind the scenes. The last piece of advice I would offer is to understand the kind of work environment you want to operate in.

If you could learn a brand new skill, what would it be?

Deep sea diving. 

If you were an inanimate object, which would you be and why?

Water. It's the one constant that takes so many forms and can live inside so many things. Imagine the life of a drop of water. 

What do you hope to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Deep sea diving & meeting the President. 

Share a little-known treasure of Indianapolis with us.

Restaurant - Spice Nation where the food is oh so scrumptious! Chill spot - General American Donut Co. or Nicky Blaine's. Bookstore - IndyReads or Bookmamas. Outdoors - Eagle Creek Park.

Most important question: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Ha ha! Can I say Battlestar Galactica? Joke, joke! Star Wars.


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