Caitie Deranek Stewart Shares Her #YNPN16 Experience

Dear Fellow YNPN Members, 

Looking around the room in Portland, I felt excitement circulating through the air. People from across the country were ENGAGED-- sharing tips, tricks, and experiences on our space. A community was created in a flash. More importantly, a kinetic energy--the kind needed to change the nonprofit sector, was being transferred before my eyes. I was lucky enough attend #YNPN16 and experience the potential benefits of the conference. This was not even a session. Amassing the top nonprofit talent in one room allowed me to see that this was going to be a different experience than any other conference I had ever attended.

This summer, YNPNindy is leading efforts to bring incredible experience to Indianapolis. Our theme this year is Change in Action: Equity and Advocacy for Self, Sector, and Society. There has never been a more paramount time for young nonprofit professionals to be equipped to take action on behalf of themselves and others in the workplace. In 2018, it's imperative that the social sector is ready to make ALL SPACES fair and diverse. For that reason, it's important that you attend, but even more vital to introduce new friends you think can grow from the experience along with you. Attendees will undoubtedly leave the conference with new ideas and tools to be your own best advocate, as well as for marginalized communities and (most importantly) influence the systems for real change.

As a member of YNPNindy, you can register with the code (ynpn18membersrock) to receive a 10% discount for your registration. It’s time to take unified action to make our world better. Attending #ynpn18 is the first step.

Sign up today at! Also, follow us on all socials @YNPNIndy for updates leading up to the conference!



Caitie Deranek Stewart
National Conference Co-Chair
Member, YNPNindy

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