Membership matters!


By becoming a part of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN), you have chosen to join a group of people who are passionate about the work they do and committed to making an impact on the community in which they live.

Whether you are new to the sector, a graduate student, a mid-career professional looking for a change or a nonprofit ace, there is a place for you in YNPN Indy. You can find space to grow your network and discover in other members mentors, motivators, resources, sounding boards, collaborators, future colleagues and friends.

What will be your role?

YNPNindy connected me to an extensive network of young professionals from organizations across Indianapolis. It would have taken me years to make all the contacts I made at a few events!


YNPNindygroup2-168x300.jpgMembership is FREE and gives you access to:

          • Opportunities to broaden and deepen your network by making new connections in the community;
          • Chances to attend free or low-cost professional development events tailored to the needs of those in the nonprofit sector;
          • Nonprofit news and job, scholarship and volunteer information in the monthly email newsletter; and
          • An introduction to a national network with over 30 chapters and 30,000 members. You’re a part of something big!; and
          • Room to cultivate leadership skills by getting involved.


We’re always working to bring more opportunities to you and to expand the value of your YNPN Indy membership.

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