Five Great Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board

Cassandra Tice, YNPN Board Member

I joined the YNPN Indy Board in 2011. At the time, I was brand new to the nonprofit sector and to Indianapolis. The past 3 years my role as a board member has helped me personally and professionally. My fellow board members and YNPN events and activities helped me familiarize myself with the city and settle into my new home. 

I built a network of nonprofit professionals that helped me in my search for a new job in 2012 and continue to help me in my current role as Development Manager at Jameson Camp. I’ve learned new skills that have helped me build my resume. For example, as a board member on the communications team for YNPN I had to learn how to use Wordpress.

Here are my top five reasons to join a nonprofit board:

5) Community - By serving on the board of an organization you are taking an active role in your community.

4) A chance to lead – As a young professional you are just starting out in your career and therefore are working in lower level positions. As a board member you are in a leadership position and play a key role in make big and small decisions for the board and for the organization you represent.

3) Network – You will build connections with other Board members, who most likely with represent a variety of careers and fields. Through serving on the board you will also build connections with other members of the community, whether it’s another nonprofit organization or a corporation. Who knows how these connections could help you in the future.

2) Professional Development – Serving on a board is a unique professional development experience. You will learn about marketing, policies, fundraising, programming, project management, communication, teamwork, and so much more. The skills you learn as a board member can easily transfer to your career.

1) Make a difference – While board meetings may not always be exciting, by serving on a board you are making a difference to the organization you are representing.


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